Customised KR logo Moleskine sketchnote book (Yellow)


For those of you who (like Karen) love bright colours and could use a little extra sunshine no matter what the weather, this cheerful yellow Moleskine sketchnote book is for you.

This Moleskine has a hard cover and provides plain (non-ruled) paper for the ultimate creative canvas on which to practice your sketchnoting. Karen's logo is stamped on the front cover, so when people see your sketchnoting and say, "My word, that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!", you can say, "Thanks, I got the idea from Karen Reyburn."

You may also request a personalised sketchnote by Karen in the first inside page of your notebook. Just a fun extra so that your Moleskine is truly unique - not only is it branded with Karen's logo, but no one else in the entire world will have one exactly like yours.
SKU: 10000 TAGS: sketchnoting, writing

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