It’s coming on towards Christmas, and one of the traditions I’ve always loved is listening to Handel’s Messiah.  Beautiful music. Meaningful music, drawn from the oldest Book of them all. And a feeling of being swept into glory.  My family would often go toge...
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Rest takes practice

July 18, 2016
Whether you've never been a person who rests well, or you have gotten out of the habit, being comfortable with rest will not come easily. It involves silence. And solitude. And quiet. And perhaps some introspection. None of which come easily to most of us. But the main...
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One of the elements of true rest is solitude – because rest at its heart sees us at our heart, and meets God in His. But one of the results of the modern world, modern technology, and our instant-response generation is that we are not used to solitude. We don't like it,...
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A restful heart is a thankful heart. The person who is truly at rest, and also continues to seek it, is full of gratitude and thankfulness for the situation they find themselves in. This is because true rest is rooted in Jesus Christ Himself, and in an understanding th...
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There is nothing God-honouring about wearing yourself out for the Gospel. There will be times when you need to do more, sleep less, push past every boundary you feel you have. There are even seasons of life when that needs to be done – small babies and children, times o...
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Rest is always possible.

April 15, 2016
Rest is always possible. It's always a choice. And it's always an act of faith. Telling ourselves that we "can't" rest simply means we won't. There's too much on. The baby is crying. The house needs to be viewed today or someone else will buy it. An employee just put ...
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A passion for rest

March 28, 2016
I'm passionate about rest. It's also the one thing I struggle with above all others, and which I many times despair of ever 'achieving' in my life. But that's the trouble with rest. How do you 'achieve' something that is all about slowing down? Doing less. Trusting....
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Austria at Christmas time. It conjures up the idea of mountains, snow, grey skies, brightly-lit Christmas markets with all sorts of wares, carols sung in front of a cathedral, and the beauty of old European cities. We were thrilled to discover that Vienna met our expectati...
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Yet another website? Why?

April 25, 2015
My usual advice to anyone about multiple websites is: don't have them. Focus on one website, one domain, one URL. Drive everything to that site, because you'll get more traffic and more focused business that way. I still stand by that advice, but if you know me at all you ...
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