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Customised KR logo Moleskine sketchnote book (Yellow)

For those of you who (like Karen) love bright colours and could use a little extra sunshine no matter what the weather, this cheerful yellow Moleskine sketchnote book is for you.

This Moleskine has a hard cover and provides plain (non-ruled) paper for the ultimate creative canvas on which to practice your sketchnoting. Karen's logo is stamped on the front cover, so when people see your sketchnoting and say, "My word, that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!", you can say, "Thanks, I got the idea from Karen Reyburn."

Customised KR + Xero Moleskine sketchnote book (blue)

For those who are fans of both Karen's sketchnoting and Xero online accounting software, this custom Moleskine sketchnote book is for you.

This Moleskine has a soft cover and comes in Underwater Blue. The pages are plain (non-ruled) and open for your sketchnoting skills to begin or continue - at a Xero event, or the next time Karen is speaking...or whenever!

"The Sketchnote Handbook" by Mike Rohde

Lest you labour in your sketchnoting under the delusion that it was Karen's invention, she encourages you to buy and read and enjoy the original Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde.

Karen's sketchnoting inspiration began by following Mike Rohde's work on Twitter, and her sketchnoting workshops always include a nod (or several nods) to his concepts and principles. The most important one is: "Ideas, not art." Even (or especially) if you think you're not artistic, this book - and sketchnoting - can be for you.

Note: Karen receives no commission, percentages, bonuses, or accolades if you buy Mike's book. Everyone is just a little happier in the world, that's all.

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